Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device that websites and applications use for security purposes and to deliver products, services, and advertisements, and to understand how they are used. With these technologies, a website or application can store information on your browser or device and later read that information back. We explain more about each of these technologies and how they are used on this page.

Why does Teach First use cookies?

Show what matters to you - They help us know who you are so we can show content that’s most relevant to you, including features, products, and ads

Improve your experience - They work with the sites features and help us improve our products and services – so you can do things like use share buttons, and upload photos

Protection and security - They help secure the website by letting us know if someone tries to access your account or engages in activity that violates our terms

Categories of use and examples:

Authentication -  These tools tell us when you’re logged in, so we can show you the appropriate experience and features. For example, cookies, local storage and similar technologies tell us when you are logged in to the website. We also use this information to understand how people use our website.

Security and site integrity - We use these to help keep our website safe and secure. They support or enable security features and help us detect activity that violates our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. For example, they help protect your account from being accessed by anyone other than you. Cookies also let us know when several people have logged in from the same computer.

Localisation - These help us provide a localised experience. For example, we may store information in a cookie that is placed on your browser or device so you will see the site in your preferred language.

Site features and services - These provide functionality that help us deliver products and services. For example, cookies help you log in by pre-filling the username field. We may also use cookies and similar technologies to help us provide you and others with social plugins and other customized content and experiences, such as making suggestions to you and others.

Performance - We use these to provide you with the best experience possible.